Reem Alaa Hamed, born and raised in Cairo, Egypt ,Founder & Creative Director of RAMLA, completed her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Interior Design in Florence, Italy. In Italy she worked for luxury fashion brands, while finishing up her Master’s degree in Luxury Business. After living and working in Italy for some years, her passion for shoes grew stronger, especially for the “Made in Italy “ products. Soon enough she began working at a small men’s shoes workshop in Florence, designing and customising everything by hand. She combined her passion for architecture and modern design with traditional craftsmanship to create timeless and luxurious footwear. The footwear brand RAMLA was launched in June 2017, having a mixture of refines and sophistication made a good combination in the shoe industry, thus producing “ Made in Egypt” brand, which found its way easily in the Middle East market, with unique distribution point in Cairo and abroad. RAMLA is a lifestyle brand designed for classy, yet practical women , with excellent craftsmanship . RAMLA’s elegant, timeless styles for women of all ages crafted with attention to detail and focusing on a feeling of confidence and uniqueness.