SIEDRES is an independent fashion brand catering for the contemporary wardrobe with soul.

Founded by fashion designer Ceylin Türkkan, who enjoyed a successful career in fashion before founding SIEDRES, the brand reflects her combined experiences of growing up in a small town and living in a big city. With her narrative-driven collections, whether they are inspired by places or art, a specific mood or a moment in time, she invites contemporary women from around the world into her vision of the current era and shares her stories with splashes of colour, print and textures.

While SIEDRES collections grow out of the designer’s own authentic culture, there is a global-minded ethos underneath that manifests itself in the duality of influences that coexist in a harmonious balance.

A slicker rendition of the relaxed and radiant Mediterranean style.

A sunnier and sensual take on the stereotypical Scandinavian fashions.

A little bit more, a little bit less, but prettier.

Set in the imaginary Mediterranean town Siedres, the brand embodies a relaxed yet refined lifestyle, adorning women for their everyday life with easily adaptable pieces that imbue a nonchalant allure. The brand also creates unique prints incorporating winsomely naïve and playful graphics that complement the seasonal collections.

With four new launches per year, SIEDRES presents fresh editions of its idiosyncratic style.