By Cansuxi

Soleil Pike Top Lemon

$220.00 USD


CANSUXI is a high-end luxury Turkish sustainable designer brand, taking its roots from the sophisticated harmony of Mediterranean, Andalusian, Greek and Euro-Asian cultures.

The main source of inspiration for our brand is the reflection of cultural connectivity between various geographic regions on human nature.

At CANSUXI, our core values include our connectedness to nature and embracing the freedom that comes with being true to oneself and not hiding away.

We fully adopt this view in every step of the way, from the fabrics we use to the packaging we ship your new pieces in. We also believe it is important to honour the local cultures we draw inspiration from, and work with local workshops

  • Made from the unique Pike fabric, the Soleil TOP creates a new world of possibilities. Let it connect you with the past. Let it bring newness into your life. Pair it with the Soleil Pike2 skirt for the full look.

    Model is 172cm and wears a size S-M

    100% Cotton

    A fabric that those who grew up in or are accustomed with the culture of the Anatolian region might even take for granted, pike offers itself to be completely reimagined with the Refinding Roots collection. Commonly used for the creation of blankets that are a staple of cold summer nights, pike has been selected for this use due to its heat regulatory properties. We wanted to share this unique fabric with the world in a purposeful and mindful way that upholds tradition and still leaves space for creativity to shine.

    Pike dates back centuries ago, when the first stitches were cast in Anatolian lands, and the first hand looms were created. Archaeological studies and excavations conducted in the region of Çatalhöyük revealed rags that laid the groundwork for future great developments in weaving by the Hittie, Phrygian, Lydian, Persian, Roman and Byzantine civilizations.

    *Our entire collection is handmade and handcrafted by the local artisans we collaborate with. Every single piece is cut separately and has its own unique fingerprint.


Made in Turkey


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