Né Nepal

Eaves Earring Gold

Look upon any Ancient Tiered temple In Nepal and rustling with the wind will be a short crimson cloth bordered with gold that decorates the Eaves of every layer in a Pagoda. Inspired by the play of wind rushing through these crimson layers, we have designed this signature Né nepal modern earring that demands attention. From our Chinah collection, handmade in Nepal.

From our Chinah: (means mark in Nepali) collection which is a reminder of the values that the various marks of Nepal represent, with our collection we bring you a piece of our heritage. Inspired by the play of wind rushing through crimson layers of a Pagoda, we have designed this modern earpiece that demands attention. Made of brass, plated with 24k gold. Handcrafted in Nepal.Made of Brass, plated with 24K gold.16 gm.6.2 cm-l/1.8 cm- b

Color: Gold

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