Deena Wagdy

Moonchild Ear Climbers


Made in Egypt

Your order will be produced and shipped within 10 business days.

Dare to dream and always be yourself with these versatile earrings that can be worn in 3 different ways. Depending on your mood, wear them as ear climbers, or facing down for the crescent look or vertically. The Moon Child Ear Climbers are handcrafted from Sterling Silver hand-hammered domes plated in 18K Gold.  Inspired by the unpredictability of the full moon kid inside of us who is always down for an adventure, passionately drawn to the moon and riding the rollercoaster of life with its up and downs. A simple reminder to go with your intuition. Wear as a stand- alone or mix and match them with the small crescent ear jackets if you have more than one piercing. This piece is part of the designer’s MoonChild Collection.

Dimensions: Length approx. 2.5cm

Color: Gold

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