RBow OOOOOF Vitalizing Hand and Body Wash

  • Rbow is a Korean skincare brand
  • Moisturizing from Eightfold Hyaluronic Acid providing moisturizing during shower! Containing the best moisturizing ingredient ‘Eightfold Hyaluronic Acid Complex’ and Vitaskin E creating skin barrier

    Moisturizing hand and body wash products containing ‘Eightfold Hyaluronic Acid Complex’,
    Hempseed oil, Vitaskin E to protect skin barrier destroyed during shower or washing hands.
    Containing hypoallergenic and natural detergent,
    but still providing rich and fine foam to guarantee the joy of shower.

    Main ingredients

    Eightfold Hyaluronic Acid Complex : Moisturizing
    Hempseed oil : Skin soothing, Anti-inflammatory
    Fermented argan oil, jojoba oil, camellia butter, shea butter : Moisturizing, Protection layer

    Moisturizing care during shower with ultra hydrating ‘Eightfold Hyaluronic Acid Complex’! ‘Hempseed oil’ containing the functions of skin soothing and Anti-inflammatory ‘Vitaskin E’ for stronger skin barrier and skin vitalization Natural prescription without any skin stimulation.
  • 300ml / 10.14 fl.oz
  • Made in Korea 


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