Doppelganger Design

Sunflower Tee


Our soft cotton tees have a new staple quality, worn with vibrancy and elements of minimal embroidery. There is "Twinning since 1995" embroidered around the neckline along with dropped shoulder seams. The fabric is stretchable and comfortable to wear. Suitable for a quick coffee run in a summer morning.   

Fabric Composition: 100% Cotton                                 

Style: Oversized                                                                 

Color: White/Printed                                                                     

Washing Instructions: Cold Machine Wash


This Summer Spring 2020 Collection is called Botanical Garden. It is designed to celebrate a connection between sisters and best friends who are unified through their collective optimism, artistic choices and a fond memory of their childhood together. We give them art to wear while they tell their own stories; dressed in a stream of consciousness yet unabashedly free.                                                                                                                    


Color: White / Printed

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