Untitled (Ad Lib)

$945.00 USD

  • Untitled (Ad Lib)™ is the show stopper piece of HoS. Ad lib, as commonly referred in jazz, means improvising freely. This piece was designed in a way that its intact rich red corals dance around your neck. We laser them to each other with black rhodium plated silver crowns and pearls. This is a piece to manifest your larger-than-life character to anyone, anytime!

  • Untitled (Ad Lib) is a curation of corals and pearls in an unorthodox way. To give its splendor and durability, corals and pearls are crowned with black rhodium plated 925 sterling silver and lasered to each other. 

    Handmade in Grand Bazaar, Stamboul by local artisans using time-honored traditions. 

    All metal pieces, including the unique HoS Lock, are 925 sterling silver with 1 micron black rhodium plating. Since silver pieces are micron-plated, not “washed”, they are layered with real rhodium. This type of plating offers a great look for years before it requires re-plating. We provide any professional maintenance including re-plating upon request. Please wear your perfume before wearing your piece and after taking it off wipe them with a wet cloth if you sweat while wearing your piece. 

    Coral row 43 cm, 155 g
    HoS Lock™ 3.5 cm, 13 g

    This model comes with the HoS bags. If you want to have the necklace within the HoS Box, you need to buy it separately.