Untitled (Cleopatra)

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  • The legend has it that more than 2000 years ago, Cleopatra bet Marc Antony that she could consume the world’s most expensive meal. She took off her gigantic pearl earring to dissolve it into a glass of wine vinegar, then slowly drank it. Untitled (Cleopatra) is for the woman who is the new generation Cleopatra.

  • Untitled (Cleopatra) consists of two different necklaces; by buying this piece, you will have a Rondella Pearl necklace and a Turquoise necklace to play with their combination.

    Handmade in Grand Bazaar, Stamboul by local artisans using time-honored traditions.

    All metal pieces, including the unique HoS Lock, are 925 sterling silver with 1 micron 18 carat white gold plating. Since silver pieces are micron-plated, not “gold-washed”, they are layered with real gold. This type of gold plating offers a great look for years before it requires re-plating. We provide any professional maintenance including re-plating upon request. Please wear your perfume before wearing your piece and after taking it off wipe them with a wet cloth if you sweat while wearing your piece.

    Rondella Pearl row 40 cm, 120 g
    Turquoise row 42 cm, 127 g
    HoS Lock 3.5 cm, 11 g

    This model comes with the HoS bags. If you want to have the necklace within the HoS Box, you need to buy it separately.