Timeless, modern, versatile, with an edge – these are the words that best define Deena Wagdy jewelry. Her rich Egyptian heritage serves as one of her major inspirations, Deena Wagdy sees inspiration in architecture, geometric shapes and various forms throughout everyday life. Deena Wagdy seeks a juxtaposition in all her inspirations and creations, she looks for contrast between the old and the new, her jewelry honors the past while celebrating the present and manages to strike that perfect balance between modern and timeless.
Her jewelry is characterized by constant opposition, blending Sterling Silver with 18K Gold or merging sterling silver with 18K Gold plating. DW Jewelry combines feminine sophistication with edginess which has great impact on her current design aesthetic.
Her line is for the woman who has a strong sense of personal style and doesn’t conform to rules. For the woman who is willing to experiment and is courageous in all she does.