What makes the objects we see and touch valuable is not their labels, but the fact that they have a story worth telling us.

Looking for authentic designs that are not limited by location, Maison Orient listens to stories whispered in different parts of the world for you. It offers refined unique designs for you to be a part of the stories, regardless of time and space.


Maison Orient is a curated e-commerce platform for brands, designers and artists from Emerging Regions, with a mission to introduce them to a wider global audience and tell their stories; aspiring to connect creative talents and their designs from different corners of the world with curious consumers who are looking for uniqueness with a story behind.  


Maison Orient’s aim is to discover local designers from emerging regions of the world to be seen and heard on a global platform and to tell their remarkable stories to the whole world.


Ayse Arel Kulahcioglu, founder of Maison Orient, after 13 years long experience in the luxury fashion e-commerce field working for global companies such as the LVMH Group, wanted to go on a new, bolder direction and decided to shift her focus towards undiscovered designers from emerging regions across the world. 

Ayse came up with Maison Orient as a strategy & solution to help regional talent expand their businesses globally and reach international markets. This is how the e-commerce platform came to be: a translation of Ayse’s desire to promote local creators and to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western Worlds.