Named after Dubai-based designer, Meher Iqbal, MEHER JEWELLERY launched in 2017. A woman of conspicuous passions, Meher’s persona and craft are both imbued with the selfsame sound — sentiment is strength.

A MEHER JEWELLERY original is more than just a shimmery ornament of metal and gem. We believe today’s woman to be her own birthright, her own hallmark, and effectively, her own brand. Thus, every MEHER JEWELLERY piece is exclusive; a meticulously personalised composition, without exception. Created in 18 carat gold and both precious and semi precious stones, but most essentially with love; each one stands artifact to a client’s individual sensibility.

For MEHER JEWELLERY, creation is an emotive experience. Bored by a culture that promotes splashy labels, our workmanship speaks to nuance and truth. Yes, a MEHER JEWELLERY piece tells it like it is, and for this, our clients are essential to our design process. We need their words and will to inspire, and we take pains to deliver the very tone of their voice. A MEHER JEWELLERY piece wears less like a trinket and more like a tattoo.

Rule yourself with MEHER JEWELLERY – Of The Woman, By The Woman, For The Woman.