Brand 0711 was founded in 2012 by Nino Eliava and Ana Mokia. Girls have met in childhood during holidays in Mexico, and the idea of the joint project came many years later when they were studying and working in London. Nino and Ani got an education in sphere of business and management, now harmoniously sharing the responsibilities - Nino is behind the creative process, while business growth is up to Ani.

Each 0711 hand-woven product is created manually by artisans in Georgia. The artisans are elderly women for whom knitting is a very native and favorite craftsmanship passed from ancestors. Innovative knitting technique in organic glass and plywood frames were adopted in 2015 for the most popular style ‘Copacabana’. Today among the brand’s top models are also ‘St. Barts’ and ‘Monaco’. Improvising with traditional weaving and shapes, 0711 introduced pearl beaded bags with various models from bucket to tote bags, mixing it with the brand’s multicolor plywood and plexiglass frames.

AW18 proclaimed a new era for the brand presenting ‘Bea’ - the first style in leather inspired by the key model ‘Copacabana’ as well. The production of leather styles is also based in Georgia, but from high-quality French calfskin.