It's Not a Trend It's a Fashion Movement

It's Not a Trend It's a Fashion Movement

Sustainability Organic and Natural Fibers Sustainable clothing often uses fibers that are grown without the use of harmful chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilizers. Organic cotton is one of the...
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Valentines Day Outfits For Every Type Of Date

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we want to help you select the perfect outfit and accessories from our range of luxury fashion brands.

Luxurious women's pearl necklace

The Best of Luxury: Top Fashion Brands To Buy From in 2022

Maison Orient is somewhere you go for luxury, high-quality apparel, fashion accessories, and more. Here we are highlighting four of our top luxury brands.
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5 Pieces Of Jewelry You Need This Winter

Maison Orient has a wide selection of luxury jewelry brands that produce unique, handmade jewelry and high quality designer pieces that you must check out.

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If I Were You, I Would Check Out These Top 4 International Luxury Fashion Brands

Being a luxury fashion brand and a sustainable women’s clothing brand is possible, and these four brands are leading the way.

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Watch These Designer Brands For Winter Outfit Inspo

Are you looking for the ultimate winter clothing guide? Look no further, in this blog we offer winter outfit inspiration from our luxury online collection.
3 Middle Eastern Jewelry & Accessory Designers To Know About

3 Middle Eastern Jewelry & Accessory Designers To Know About

Highlighting three Middle Eastern jewelry and accessory designers from Maison Orient’s international marketplace, shining a light on their brand features.

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5 Valentines Day Date Ideas And The Perfect Handbag To Match

If you need Valentine’s Day date ideas then you have come to the right place, we even have luxury handbag brands and bag recommendations to match.

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New Year’s Eve: Luxury Fashion For Ringing In 2022

Maison Orient has just the thing from women’s designer jumpsuits, black designer handbags, and affordable sustainable fashion.
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Top Designer Women’s Blazers & Jackets For Every Aesthetic

Take a look at some beautiful women's designer blazers and jackets that is almost certified in turning heads!
 Long-sleeved gold dress for NYE.

Top Luxury Winter Dresses For Women

Glance at these top luxury winter dresses. Carefully crafted for maximum luxury looks.
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The Vacation Edit: Women’s Designer Accessories

Turquoise waters, summertime beach fun, and high-fashion swimwear! Take a look at Maison Orient's variety of designer swimming & beachside apparel.