Every year, there's a dominant colour or pattern that you see everywhere. That's not coincidental but more or less a cue for what you might want to incorporate into your wardrobe for the year. The fashion elite has already made headlines about 2022's trends for colour and print styles. After two years of pandemic lockdowns, we're seeing a boom of bold and bright colours and patterns, and it's all about mood elevation. This post will highlight these trends and how the fashion-conscious can rock them. 

2022's Colour Palette Trends

Based on what the fashion runways around the globe had on display this year, it's clear that 2022's colours are moody. Hey, it's been a rough last two years - why not dress moody! The shades that stood out most were anything but conservative and leaned more to the side of making statements. Because, well, it's 2022. They also coincide with other fashion trends, such as dopamine dressing, all about visual stimulation and intensity. 

Our 3 Picks of Shades of 2022 

  • Hot Pink - Hot pink, for some, is a hot mess. But it's en vogue this year, and in all honesty, it's perfect for statement pieces and dopamine-triggering garb. It's bright, it's bold, it's brave - the three attributes you need if you want to reinvent yourself this year. Hot pink is taking off, especially for dresses and jumpsuits, but we can see it taking hold elsewhere too. It's an excellent middle point between the brilliance of red and the darker magenta.  
  • Canary Yellow - It takes audacity and verve to wear yellow, but the runways aren't shying away from it. Canary yellow is a highlight because it's not too fluorescent (which would make it hard to match) or too dull. It's bright yet neutral enough that you can wear it on a dress, trousers, or sweater. It brings energy. That's why big names like Chanel have latched onto it so much. 
  • Sky Blue - Blue is a vibe in itself and has always been - regardless of shade, intensity. With that said, sky blue is unique because of its intensity. It isn't conservative like a dark or navy blue or unassuming like a light blue. It's an essential dopamine-stimulating colour. You have lots of options with it too, but a popular one is monochrome from head-to-toe (i.e. dress, bags, shoes). But you can always mix sky blue pieces up with other complementary colours if you have a good eye for doing so. 

Top Maison Orient Mood Colour Choices

Oversized Longline Blazer 

Maison Orient Longline Blazer


Canary Yellow Arizona Dress 

Maison Orient Canary Yellow Arizona Dress

Majj Sky Blue Bag

Maison Orient Majj Sky Blue Bag

Print/Pattern Trends

Of course, moody colour is just a fraction of the trends we'll see in fashion this year. 2022 is also poised to be the year of expressive and energetic prints and patterns. Perhaps, the last 24 months of lockdowns and dressing "down" has awakened a renewed desire to wear active and boisterous wear for the world to see. With that said, the runways were dominated by patterns that command attention and make your presence known wherever you stand or step in. 

Our Top 3 Print Trends 

  • Animal Prints - Animal prints have been around forever, but the designers behind them have been clawing for our attention. And they have succeeded. All sorts of animal prints are busting out of the zoo. Leopard and snakeskins, tiger and zebra stripes, and even cowhides are now all in fashion. Hides and skins look rugged but sophisticated, while stripes look punk yet chic. Animal prints can look great on all types of bodies and ages, so you have to experiment to find your perfect skin. 
  • Floral Patterns - Just like animal prints, floral patterns aren't new. They're must-haves for women's spring and summer wear, whether dresses or outfits from swimwear brands. But they're gaining serious momentum this year. Bright multi-colour "gardens" to singular floral designs (i.e. roses, daisies) bring energy and stimulation, which coincides with the post-pandemic, dopamine dressing trend. But even more, subtle designs such as tea party florals are en vogue this year. They're unassuming but still vibrant and look perfect on dresses and tops. 
  • Rugby Stripes - You're probably noticing a trend within this piece about trends - patterns we're familiar with are just getting bigger and bigger. Like animal prints and floral patterns, rugby stripes have been around for a long time, but they're a bonafide fashion choice for 2022. Rugby stripes were out of style for a while until they popped up runways around the world again. They're fantastic for creating striking colour contrasts, especially when you pair them with the right solids. 

Top Maison Orient Patterns/Prints Choices

Madre Zebra Tote Bag 

Maison Orient Madre Zebra Tote Bag

Floral Kimono 

Maison Orient Floral Kimono

2022: The Year of Energy & Vibrance 

After a couple of years of living dreary, many of us are ready to brighten up again. The colours and patterns that have recently graced the runways are proof of that, so you should think about incorporating them into your wardrobe this year. 

Many of these trends look best on tops and bottoms, so you can approach those areas of your fashion game first and think about accessories second. Ultimately, this is your year to shine again - don't hold back!