A perfect nomad is a luxury, organic and ethical resort wear collection cultivated by the rhythm and aesthetics of the bohemian traveller. living by the belief that a free spirited approach to life; a careful approach to how we treat our planet; our people should combine into a lifestyle & aesthetic which is beautifully individual, elegant & conscious.

The designer started this journey following a passion for escapism and her dream to design the perfect holiday wardrobe that also holds beautiful values within its threads, protecting our earth, caring for our people and making a positive impact through its charitable projects.

The brand eliminates the use of synthetics and plastics, using only beautiful natural fibres. The silks are organic ‘peace’ silks ensuring that no harm is caused to the silk worm and the brand works with 100% natural organic cotton, using gots (global organic trading standard) certified fabrics and manufacturers, which is grown without the use of harsh pesticides and fertilisers and uses less water than the non-organic process. The brand wants to make long lasting beautiful pieces, unaffected by time or trends to reduce waste and go against the throw away mentality of our current culture.

"As a business, we understand our responsibility to give back to our community. we focus our charitable efforts on a cause that we really care about: women's advancement. we have partnered with the women's empowerment charity impact to help transform the lives of girls and their families in rural areas in india with 10% of the profit from each garment going towards setting up our own learning centres in economically disadvantaged communities.

apn’s first school has just been opened in a rural community in alwar, rajasthan, near our production unit where girls would not be able to go to school and further themselves if they did not have this opportunity. we hope to continue to support these girls and hopefully open more schools in the future to educate and empower..’"