Founded in 2017 by Egyptian designer Leila Abo Tira. ALIEL — Leila spelled backward — goes by the slogan; "creative possessions, expressed in art." Aliel is a contemporary independent brand with a modern twist, combining aesthetic, concept and quality. The bags are designed to bring a balance between tradition and rebellion. Creating pieces that are out of the ordinary is one of the main DNA of Aliel. Each design is originated from Arabic Words that have their own stories and inspirations. Every piece speaks a different language that represents every woman. ALIEL aims to empower and inspire women through pieces of art, celebrating originality, individuality, equality, and freedom. 

Aliel Was spotted on International & Local Celebrities

International Celebrities: Adriana Lima, Kylie Jenner, Joey Kings, Megan Pormer, Shay Mitchell

Local: Yousra, Mona Zaki, Shereen Reda, Arwa Gouda, Kinda Aloush 

About the Designer:

Leila Abotira is an independent Designer and the founder of ALIEL. Her Dad is a fashion designer and an artist who have been in the leather-manufacturing industry for decades. Growing up in an artistic family gave her a good eye when it comes to details and finishing as she is always exposed to creating things; eventually starting her own brand ALIEL . Aliel gave Leila the opportunity to bring to life her creative imagination through her artistic pieces