ALLBYB (All by Burak Salman) is a contemporary brand that always prioritizes the environment and humanity. It offers a unique, timeless selection of high-quality hand-made and sustainably produced bags by supporting women and local trade.

The story of ALLBYB began with our founder Ayfer Zeybekoglu’s interest in products by hand labor. Throughout the last decade, Zeybekoglu attended workshops on the production of handmade ceramic, jewelry, and bag designs and was engaged with the production of the previously mentioned mediums.

After her beloved son, Burak Salman’s passing away in 2017, Zeybekoglu decided to establish a company that offers handmade designer bags called ALLBYB to cherish the memory of his son each and every moment. As Burak spent most of his life in Philadelphia, the company was officially established in 2018 in Philadelphia.

Burak had the most colorful and unique character; he never shied away from showing the world the unconditional love he carried with him. Thus, we have made it our priority to integrate his colorful and unique character into our products. With the income we yield from our products, we aim, in memoriam of Burak Salman, to help children in need and contribute to the preservation of the environment both in Turkey and the USA by using recycled materials.

"I could not even have imagined that I would create these bags, but something just poured out from the spring deep in me in less than a month as I kept thinking that I needed to do something for my son, Burak’s memory. Today, I’m very proud to present my creations to you.

Knowing that it is our responsibility to protect the planet for future generations, for my bags, I use old t-shirt yarns, mostly recycled and sustainable materials."
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