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ARVINO is the brainchild of visionary designer Arvind Agarwal, the first Indian to showcase his Jewelry collection at New York Fashion Week.
Sustainability: Our Path, Processes and Promise.

His commitment to surpass his own creativity and conscience is represented in every piece crafted at ARVINO.

His drive to start creating jewellery came from his mother. Expressing a desire to purchase a piece of jewellery, Arvind’s mother was mocked by a relative. Much like any other child wishing to fulfil their mother’s every single wish, at the tender age of 16 while he was still pursuing his high school education, Arvind made it his goal to ensure that not only would his mother be able to wear the jewellery she liked but also be able to ask him for customised designs made by her son.

From that determination to fulfil his mother’s wish, Arvind found ARVINO in 1992.

Based on the foundation of never over burdening our environment for its resources, it is our solemn duty to produce products which aren’t only timeless as an accessory but also are contributing towards the perennial nature of Earth. The same way an ocean is the culmination of innumerable tiny droplets of water, every little bit counts when it comes to caring for our planet.

Keeping our planetary home and people in mind, we are constantly trying to find ways to improve our processes and manufacturing to become more sustainable.

We are proud members of The Responsible Jewellery Council. "United by a shared belief that responsible business is good business, we are working together to create a globally sustainable future for our industry." - RJC

Here is a brief overview of ARVINO’s Social Compliance Policy:

  1. We follow all national laws while operating & conducting activities in our Factory.

  2. We provide all employees with a written code of conduct, stipulating the employment terms and conditions, to ensure that all workers are aware of their legal rights and obligations.

  3. We do not allow Child labor.

  4. We focus on providing a safe environment, conducive to the health of our employees by providing Safe Building, Fire Safety, and the Presence of trained staff for First Aid Treatment in case of an accident.

  5. For our responsibility towards the environment, we focus on proper Handling of Chemicals, efficient Water Management and Wastewater Treatment & Waste Management.

  6. For the improvement of the society, we have installed the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) for the Waste Water to reduce the pollution emission. We ensure that all the water we discharge is adequately treated to zero down the polluting chemicals from it.

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