Bahaar is a family story that began during a summer weekend between sisters in Deauville, France. As we were walking on the beach that day, it suddenly started to rain. We were then taken with a nostalgia for our native country, Morocco. We missed the scorching sun, the colors, the sounds. The idea then came to create a bohemian chic brand inspired by our roots, with pieces at a time contemporary and ethnic.
We therefore launched the brand in 2015 around a line clothing Beachwear, hence the name Bahaar, which means the sea in Arabic, in tribute to this day by the sea by the sea, with transparent beach caftans and printed kimonos. Since then we have expanded the range with ready-to-wear and accessories, which always have a bohemian touch. 
Sofya Benzakour, co-founder and creative director of Bahaar is also an architect and blogger. She is passionate about fashion, architecture and travel and lives between Paris, her adopted city, and her native Morocco where she draws her inspiration for the design of the brand.