The Founder and designer of BODHITA

About Erge Başak Ünsal

 Erge Başak Ünsal studied business management and graduated from İstanbul Bilgi University.  After she worked in a corporate company, she decided to create her own brand and established Boditha in August, 2018. It was one of her dreams to be a jewelry designer.

Bodhita means ‘being saved from routine life and having a free soul’ in Hindi. She has a family which is full of artisans. Although she always loved her job, she couldn’t feel free, because she couldn’t use her creativity while she was working. After Bodhita she thinks that everything is perfect now.

“I thought that I should use my creativity to find my own real character. And finally I found it…

Most of us spend our lives doing jobs which are not suitable for our own characters. That’s why I chose Bodhita as my brand’s name. I feel happier and more independent now. My energy is obviously higher, because I’m producing. Since I was a little child I was in love with jewelry design. After years I could collect and present all of my designs as a brand called ‘BODHITA’. says the designer. 

She use gold, silver, bronze, semi-precious and precious stone as materials of your products. All of these products are displayed at Bodhita Showroom in Bebek. The drawings of the products belong to the designer. They are produced by craftmans in Kapalıçarşı. ‘Grano’ and ‘Amazigh’ are main collections for the brand. Bodhita and all of collections are inspired by free spirited women!