CANSUXI is a Turkey-based high end luxury brand, taking its roots from the sophisticated harmony of Mediterranean, Andalusian, Greek and Euro-Asian cultures.

The main source of inspiration for our brand is the reflection of cultural connectivity between various geographic regions on human nature.

Our main driver in everything we do is the idea of “LIBERATING CHOICES”. We want to give you the freedom to express yourself and to experiment with our versatile pieces that you can style in any way you like. We set you free from the time, season, and occasion, offering you staple pieces to create a long lasting and sustainable wardrobe.

By our disposition, there is the desire to actualize ourselves in the most individual way possible. We believe the rise of self-expression is the future of fashion. No rules, no taboos. Nothing is more powerful than a visual representation of a personal statement. Here, we implement this idea of a flexible fashion environment in the most simplistic and modest way possible.


We’re not re-inventing fashion, we simply try to transform it, by letting you be a part of this journey. Because the desire to be free is never cliché.


Imagine the shimmering sun on vast turquoise seas, the lemons on the table near the beach. Sunset dinners with friends, barefoot walks in the sand ...

We are on a journey together, where it is not about who arrives first, but who lasts the longest. 

Appreciate who you are. Forget rules. Shake off the expectations. Here it is. A calling to liberate yourself surrounded by the Mediterranean breeze.

Like seeds traveling on the warm sea winds finding root in the Mediterranean coastal areas, our cultures and ideas have spread for millennia. 

All pieces come forth from the rich cultural heritage of the Mediterranean as an unparalleled source of beauty. 

Find your mojo wearing your CANSUXI, as its best styled with confidence and self-compassion.