Çuval| chu· val | : sack

Meaning “sack” in Turkish,  the first cultural appliance that mankind ever created to carry was the inspiration behind the name when we first started making bags in 2010.

Established in 2012 by Ayşe Özgüneş, Çuval is the first sustainable accessory brand in Turkey that uses vegetable tanned leather ever since while supporting local craftmanship and providing refined products

Shaped around sometimes minimal yet simple designs, the color and material combinations  create an inspirational visual harmony that makes a lifestyle statement.

Using Turkish materials that are sourced ethically, handpicked by Ayşe and skillfully hand crafted by local Turkish craftsmen, Çuval’s ethical consumer philosophy is based on quality workmanship and materials. Each collection is limited edition as they are made in small batches and sometimes discontinued. New designs are either added each season or updated in different materials and colour ways. Each product carries its own uniqueness and traditional artisan processes.