Founded by Dania Shinkar in 2019, the namesake brand, DANIA SHINKAR, is a Saudi/ Ireland-based contemporary and sustainable bag brand with an experimental approach to design. DANIA SHINKAR was born out of a desire to create unique eye-catching pieces that stand out from mass-produced fashion. Our goal is to reimagine the familiar aesthetics of a bag into wearable objects d’artes with unexpected details that beg a closer look - in the most sustainable way possible.

By merging unconventional shapes and eccentric accents with quality materials and Italian craftsmanship, DANIA SHINKAR is the epitome of playful luxury. Innovation being at the heart of the brand alongside sustainability, DANIA SHINKAR offers ethically crafted unique handbags with accessible price points.

Inspiration sourced from art, architecture and vintage design is reflected in each bag. DANIA SHINKAR bags are a modern reinterpretation of old school charm, a style that is both contemporary and nostalgic. DANIA SHINKAR presents a curated collection designed for confident, bold, and forward thinking women.

Our signature metal frames and cellulose acetate handles are meticulously custom designed and made to bring a precious authentic touch to each bag.

We believe nature and art are synonymous which is why sustainability is one of our core brand values. We take pride in our commitment to being environmentally responsible in the sourcing, production and packaging of our bags.

The founder and creative director, Dania Shinkar, is a Saudi Arabian fashion designer who hails from a textile print design background. In 2017, Dania graduated with a BA specialism in Fashion Textile Print Design from London College of Fashion.