Doppelganger Design is a regional RTW womenswear fashion label, founded by 2 young fashion designers who are twin sisters based in Dubai. From a younger age, they always had a passion for art in any shape or form.  At the age of 12, Raeeha and Rimishha expanded their art world through Adobe Photoshop; where they enjoyed graphic designing by making website pages for their favorite music artists, entertainers and idols. This eventually led them to the beautiful world of fashion in the coming years. 

In 2016, they graduated with (Bachelors) Arts in Fashion from Heriot Watt University Dubai Campus at the age of 21. The twins got to represent their university and U.A.E by competing among major fashion schools in the world for i-D Magazine - Diversity Now Artsthread Competition. One of them became a finalist in the garment design category through an online pole which was considered a big achievement for the twins and the university.

The seed that was planted which lead to the idea of Doppelganger was ‘Twingenuity’. As twins, they share a bond since birth which they want to be able to share with everyone else, to be part of something bigger than them. It’s the kind of friendship we all seek in life whether in a friend, partner or a sibling. We want women to celebrate this connection, who are unified through their collective optimism and artistic choices. We as a brand want to showcase the beauty in the art of twinning through fashion with a purposeful, relatable and playful manner.


 (N) When two or more people look alike in physical appearance.


 (N) The inventive skill of combining the efforts of young twins in pursuit of a common goal.