Dream on, fly faraway. Sometimes you fall in love with a strange creature in the deep of nature. Or sometimes a simple pattern evokes a distinct moment from the past and takes you to a never-seen-before place.Composed from spirited details, FARAWAY created by Ayşe Boyner is dedicated to effortless elegance. Taking inspiration from distant lands, a good old slice of time or simply a state of mind, those far aways are now nearby.


Faraway is a contemporary womenswear and accessories brand founded in 2019 in Istanbul. Each collection of  FARAWAY  takes inspiration from distant places, cultures, and colors. Their first collection "I Dreamed of Africa" for SS'19 was inspired by the African Savannah, with earthy colors, natural fabrics, animal prints, and safari-style pieces.  For AW '19  their collection "To The Lighthouse" took them to the British countryside and for SS'20 the collection was Mexican inspired.