With self expression and extravagance trending for jewelry this year, it's only suitable that we put such jewelry designers under the spotlight. Surprisingly, many of the brightest creators behind these pieces aren't household names. They originate from all regions of the globe, such as Asia and The Middle East (among others), and are blowing our minds with their designs. This post will highlight these designers, their origins/stories and the unique fashion jewelry they're creating.  

House of Sol

Maison House of Sol Necklace

Do you want to hit the streets or enter a room looking and feeling like a Queen? Then House of Sol jewelry is for you. Hailing from Turkey, House of Sol makes unique fashion jewelry for women who want to celebrate themselves as queens. Seriously - the pieces they make suit women who know their worth and want the world to see it too. 

You'll find large necklaces that juxtapose brightly-tinted spikes with softly-coloured pearls, softly-coloured pearls fastened to gold tribal pendants and more. House of Sol designs the kind of unique jewelry you'd see a leading actress wear in a movie. 

Their pieces fit women who want to capitalize on 2022's maximalist trend, thanks to their vibrant color palettes and alternating metal and stone construction. House of Sol takes cues from Middle Eastern aesthetics and applies them to unique jewelry that makes women look like royalty. 


Maison Orient Talita Earrings

Let's face it - a lot of "unique" fashion jewelry isn't that unique. You'll probably see the typical assortment of diamonds, gold and crystals. Talita, a London-based design duo, flips jewelry design on its head with patterns, shapes and colors that look out of this world. They're combining all kinds of influences here - African tribal stylings, disco-era color blends and Art Deco. 

We're talking inverted diamond earrings with zebra prints, rainbow-coloured loop and drop earrings, and animal printed studs. It's weird. And awesome. Talita embodies the concept of unique fashion jewelry and matches many of 2022's jewelry trends. It's excellent for dopamine dressing, maximalist displays and the return of 70s/80s style. 

Susana Vega

Maison Orient Susan Vega Earrings

One look at a Susana Vega earring or choker will leave you in wonder and awe at the same time. They're a beautiful contradiction of characteristics - Earthly yet alien, nostalgic yet futuristic, bold yet subtle. Susana Vega is eponymous - the brand shares its name with its designer - Susana Vega, who hails from Venezuela. 

She has fun blending color schemes and textures to create accents. Many of her pieces contain glass beads laced in sometimes neat, sometimes irregular patterns on gold wire. Susana Vega's unique fashion jewelry will suit if you love intricate designs, startling color blends, and odd shapes. Her designs also combine some of the hottest trends in 2022, including maximalism and natural gems.


Maison Orient Ninon Earrings

There's a reason why Bella Hadid, Chrissy Teigen and Katy Perry wear Ninon jewelry. This Turkish designer of unique fashion jewelry creates pieces that capture your mother and grandmother's styles but twist them to look modern. Ninon jewels often feature candy-coloured emeralds encrusted with crystals, celestial pendants, drops, and loops designs. 

You can think of Ninon jewelry as a middle ground between youth and maturity - "grown-ish," to be exact. If you're going to dial in the 2022 trend of "mix and matching," Ninon's handcrafted accessories and unique gold jewelry are perfect. You can create startling contrasts with their bright colors and extravagant shapes. 


Maison Orient Ammanii earrings

Here's what we love about Ammanii - their unique fashion jewelry looks like ornaments from some long-lost civilization. At the same time, they look like they're from the future. Many of them feature celestial iconography, contrasting colors and drop embellishments. They stand out but never for the wrong reasons. 

Ammanii's jewelry collection and handcrafted accessories are maximalist, and thus, trendy for 2022, but they're not excessive. That makes them perfect if you're looking to buy your first set of statement pieces without going overboard. Think of them as an introduction into the world of flashy jewelry, a stepping stone into bigger and bolder bling. 

The Faces of 2022's Most Unique Fashion Jewelry

Amidst this lingering pandemic madness, many of us are looking to hit the streets again and look sparkly after two years of dreariness. And 2022 is clearly about making a big statement with bold and unique jewelry. If you're looking to rock experimental and dazzling handcrafted accessories, then you need to check out the five designers mentioned above. They're the present and future of unique fashion jewelry design. So don't sleep on them - they can help you shine.