Discover Fulya Damgaci Vermeulen's unique jewellery, crafted from sustainable, unexpected materials. 

University of fine arts grad, jeweller and sculptor is renowned for her use of unconventional materials and shapes that resemble wearable works of art. Fulya Damgaci's jewellery might be fashioned from haute, precious materials such as fine hand made porcelain combined with 22K gold but there’s a very human quality to her intricately-crafted designs. Fulya believes that jewellery should imbue the wearer with energy, with her pieces offering a playful, personal, and highly artistic take on contemporary jewellery. 

This personal touch comes from a jewellery-making process that’s grounded in traditional craftsmanship from the ancient walls of Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Working with sustainable and unexpected materials, Fulya hand-sculptures each piece and describes her jewellery pieces as “miniature sculptures.”