“It’s the East that has saved us!”


Based in Stambol, House of Sól (HoS) is a unique high-end jewelry brand found in 2020 by Nazlıcan Yöney, Founder CEO and Chief Creative Officer, and Berkay Saygın, Founder and Chief Operating Officer.

The brand found its roots in the stories and precious stones of Asia Minor. Each piece is made by hand with traditional methods as a “wearable contemporary art” in the hidden tunnels of Grand Bazaar.

House of Sól means the dynasty of Sun, representing the brand's dedication to the Sun and its independent women being unapologetic as who they are.

HoS pieces are meant to serve as a suit of armor for women. Instead of becoming just another piece for a small clientele, we are aiming to be one of the most precious pieces of a modern women; which you wear as a shield for a steer-co, dinner, or court where you divorce a boring husband.

Our Founder CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Nazlıcan Yöney, born and raised in a Russian and Arabic family, is the great-granddaughter of a late-Ottoman grand vizier. As a political scientist with MBA, Nazlıcan has worked at Microsoft and Google, while exploring methods of porcelain and gold forming in her studio.

To master the craft, Nazlıcan visited the Grand Bazaar every weekend for years, where she had the privilege of learning the artisanship right from the masters and getting an expertise on hammering metals, sourcing stones and designing timeless pieces.

As a political scientist, Nazlıcan thinks what we choose to wear tells a distinctive story about us: where we are, where and how we want to be, how we want to be seen, what we want to express and how do we feel about our place in society amid a massive set of social interactions.

This is how HoS pieces are born, negotiated at territories of feminism, politics, contemporary art, and Turquerie. Each piece is named ''Untitled'' followed by a description in parenthesis in a reference to meaning constantly shifting in time and space.

With principles to work with indigenous artisans and natural materials, while also keeping the time-honored culture alive by sharing stories and paving paths to sustainability, House of Sól is a limited edition brand. Each model is designed by passion, each material is ethically crafted, and each piece is made by hands of a dozen of masters.

House of Sól designs and developments needed for their execution took years to achieve and all are protected by copyrights and patents where applicable. Each piece is numbered and will be limited especially due to how nature lets us. If we find our exquisite gemstones only ten necklaces long, there won't be an eleventh one.