Part of the appeal of wearing dresses is to take IG-worthy shots. It is what it is. You don't just want to feel and look on point, but you want to revisit the moment you wore that dress. Of course, you'll want to wear a specific dress for specific occasions so that the pictures look perfect. This post will look at dresses women can wear on various occasions that would look great in person and on the gram. 

1. Single Sleeve Green Dress for Women 

Maison Orient Single Sleeve Green Dress for Women

Designer: Szabo Sihag

Description: This dress is all about energy and vibrance. Its luminescent green shade compliments all skin tones, and its asymmetrical design gives it an avant-garde look that's not too eccentric. Of course, it's pretty revealing, although tastefully so, making it ideal for parties or events that are neither too formal nor casual. 

Best Occasion to Wear: A boat or rooftop party. 

 2. Estuary Blazer Dress for Women 

Maison Orient Estuary Blazer Dress for Women

Designer: Advait

Description: Is it a dress-turned blazer or a blazer-turned dress? Is it a 'bless'? A 'drazer'? Whatever label you attach to it, it's a funky blend of both, a clash between office-wear and patio-garb painted in psychedelic hues. With that said, we'd err on the side of caution with this one and perhaps reserve it for girl's nights (or days), not business meetings. 

Best Occasion to Wear: Summer patio days or nights.

3. Arizona Dress for Women

Maison Orient Arizona Dress for Women

Designer: Faraway

Description: Canary yellow is a runway standout for 2022, and it's a vibrant shade on cotton dresses for women. It gives this cotton dress ample volume to boost its otherwise spare yet striking design. The straps give it a slightly playful appearance, while the boxy design gives it a safe look that won't distract as much as it does attract (positive) attention. 

Best Occasion to Wear: All events ranging from casual to business, to festivities and hangouts.

4. Grey Dress for Women

Maison Orient Grey Dress for Women

Designer: Lako Bukia 

Description: We love this dress because it looks more like a piece of architecture or sculpture than it does a dress. It's got a 60s aesthetic, especially its triangular wedge design at the top. But the bottom tapers into a wavered drapery with a front split that looks more like it's from the future than the present.

Best Occasion to Wear: An art/award ceremony or festival.

5. Ocelot Puff Sleeve Maxi Button Dress for Women 

Maison Orient Ocelot Puff Sleeve Maxi Button Dress for Women

Designer Faraway

Description: 2022 is the year you'll see floral prints everywhere, especially floral tea party dresses like this Ocelot puff dress for women. The blue base and floral patterns create a refreshing contrast. Depending on the occasion, the pockets and buttons give it a casual vibe and let you dress up or down. This is a dress for those times when the dress code is too vague for your liking. 

Best Occasion to Wear: House parties. 

6. Giyi Midi Blue Dress for Women

Maison Orient Giyi Midi Blue Dress for Women

Designer: Giyi

Description: This dress has a lot going on despite its straightforward design. The collar gives it a bit of a prep look, while the sleeves and cut give it a more sophisticated feel. The fact that it's asymmetrical also adds character and prevents it from looking monotonous. Classy, elegant and versatile, this is a dress you can wear for more formal or smart casual events, and you can pair it with dressed-down items such as sneakers. 

Best Occasion to Wear: Graduation ceremonies.

7. Amante Kaftan Dress for Women

Maison Orient Amante Kaftan Dress for Women

Designer: Souq Samurai 

Description: Some dresses excel at ticking off many boxes, and this is one of the few kaftan and cotton dresses for women that do so. The V-cut and side splits give it some sensual appeal, but they're not so deep to be considered provocative. It's got full sleeves and a buckle robe/belt that gives it a more mature look and a wide, slanted bottom to create a nice contrast from the more straightforward top. 

Best Occasion to Wear: Weddings. 

8. Giyi Black Dress for Women 

Maison Orient Giyi Black Dress for Women

Designer: Giyi

Description: This Giyi dress is one of the flirtiest on the list. It's lengthy, and its loose fit, puffy sleeves and removable waist belt can make it a safe, conservative piece of clothing. Of course, there's the split, which makes it much flirtier if you show it. Or, if you unbutton it, the dress turns into a jacket essentially, allowing you to reveal other layers underneath. In many ways, it's full of surprises, and it's up to you what you want those surprises to look like. 

Best Occasion to Wear: Shopping spree with friends. 

9. Fringe Mini Dress for Women 

Maison Orient Fringe Mini Dress for Women

Designer: Janashia

Description: This dress screams "statement piece”. Its square shape that tapers at the waist, contrasted with long sleeves and fur-like matting, is eye-grabbing on its own. Then comes the "foliage" - the big wavy leaves (and crystals) jutting out from the dress' oversized collar. Not everyone should feel comfortable wearing this - and that's okay. This is more the women who are comfortable with eccentricity or who have an artistic flair. 

Best Occasion to Wear: Performance (i.e. poetry open mic, theatre).

10. La Robe Red Wine Dress for Women 

Maison Orient La Robe Red Wine Dress for Women

Designer: Cansuxi 

Description: This dress packs a sensual punch, radiating energy and passion. The red in itself is pure seduction. And then you have the body of the dress itself (everybody is a beautiful body) - it's free of excess, a sleeveless, backless affair. It comes with multiple types of straps for tying and display, making it more open in the right places so it's not too tacky. Put this dress on for a night with your significant other, and you're going to be a knockout. 

Best Occasion to Wear: Anniversary dinner.

Best Dresses for Women…and the Gram 

Nowadays, we play dress-up not just for the people in front of us. The people behind the screen matter too. It may be a reflection of 21st-century vanity, but hey, it's undeniable that most of us want to look good in pics and get a few likes here and there. 

With that said, the pieces above are some of the most instagrammable dresses for women. Be bold and give some of these a try - you might be surprised to find a piece that compliments you and your style in every way.