Jad El Halabi is the founder and creative director behind the brand JAD PRIVĒ. His love for shoes was apparent at the age of only two when his family realized that a brand new pair of shoes was the only thing that made him instantly happy. Jad has had a passion for shoes ever since – letting his feet lead the way. He toured the world, living in and visiting different cities, discovering new cultures, gathering insights and inspirations on every adventure, in every encounter.

Beirut-based JAD PRIVĒ was officially launched on 14th June, 2019

The brand combines timeless designs with high-end quality and construction resulting in aesthetic sneakers that can be worn to any and every occasion 

All sneakers are constructed with double insoles for maximum comfort; one fixed onto the outsole and the other attached to the removable insock

Shoes fit true to size and only available in full sizes (40 – 45)