Gvantsa Janashia is a Georgian fashion designer. At an early age, she moved to Paris to study fashion design and styling at the Paris American 

Academy. Long-time dedication to her vocation and comprehensive knowledge of fashion marketing and art management funneled her towards establishing her own label under the name JANASHIA.

From January 2015, JANASHIA started promoting and exporting her collections abroad.

JANASHIA gets inspiration from different creative domains and individuals: her favorite films, music, style icons, contemporary artists, as well as her everyday surroundings by using a mesh of vibrant colors and fabrics. She reverently mixes several different eras in one collection, making it amply eclectic.

JANASHIA vigorously combines light and heavy materials in her collections: from ethereal sheers and delicate metal chains to thick and woven fabrics. Although, the kernel of her collections is texture. However daring and exciting the silhouettes might be, she always considers their wearability; she keeps in mind that all her creations should be worn by the customers.

JANASHIA can be described as retro-futuristic. The designer often looks to the past to create the future and she adds her own personal touch to every collection.