Born into a family of jewelry makers, Berrak grew up in a significantly rich environment that enriched her creativity.

Her grandfather passed on his knowledge and techniques to the next generations and she learned jewelry craftsmanship from him and her aunts. As a person who was always inspired by nature, she found her true connection with it as she started living under the tangerine trees in Bodrum. 

She established the brand Lisalina in 2019 which was born from the names of her two daughters. What makes Lisalina stand out is the generation passed know-how on jewelry craftsmanship and producing everything in its own atelier.

Every fragment of nature -  mulberries on a tree, the zest of a lemon, the waves of the sea inspires her to create something.

Lisalina collections offer a wide range of themes for the day and for special occasions. The aim is to wear the jewelry from day to night, office to dinner, during all seasons  and always with a modern and elegant touch. 

All Lisalina products are 22-micron gold plated brass. The core collections include elements from nature as well as semi-precious stones such as lapis, turquoise onyx and pearls.

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