Nihan Gider, the designer of brand, lives in Bodrum. Having worked as an interpreter for many years, the designer created four years ago her own brand ‘Love&Can Bag', which was one of her biggest dreams. All of the products are handmade and they are offered in a limited edition but in a very wide range.

The fact that ‘Love&Can Bag’ brand emerged in Bodrum is the main reason why the brands bears the texture of Aegean and Mediterranean seas. While designing the bags, the designer drew inspiration from bougainvilleas that bloom in every corner,  indigo-blue that is one of the “absolute musts” of Bodrum, sand beige, natural characteristics of olive trees and of course Castle of Bodrum. The most outstanding feature of products is their timelessness; they can be used in any season and can be preferred both in vacations and urban life. Models are made based on the imagination of a vigorous, thrilled and enthusiastic Aegean and Mediterranean woman and the models are named after women from Aegean and Greek mythology who affected their era (Caria, Daphne, Lykia, Osia, Helen). The symbol of brand is ‘Love knot’ and this symbol represents the rebirth, virtue and eternal love. Since the designer believes that every object has its energy, she wishes to make everyone feel an affectionate energy in her designs.