The story of Maki Sandals is rooted in culture, lifestyle and good company.

The name ‘Maki’ comes from the endemic maquis vegetation found along the Mediterranean coast; short evergreen shrubs and trees that make the backdrop to every Mediterranean story.

Eren and Selim, wife and husband, graphic designer and architect, always had an attraction to the culture and lifestyle surrounding the maquis vegetation, where they have always enjoyed the captivating overlap between urban and Mediterranean ways of living.

While spending time in their family home in Bodrum in southern Turkey, the duo came up with the idea to re-work the artisanal handmade sandals, particular to this geography. Maki Sandals was born from this desire to create a product that would pay homage to the ease and casualness of the Mediterranean and its culture of ancient craftsmanship; while re-imagining it from a fresh design perspective.

The artisan skills of the craftsmen, coupled with the duo's contemporary approach to design, inspired a collection of effortlessly stylish sandals that are minimalist in aesthetic, timeless, comfortable, colourful and above all, happy.

Maki Sandals are to remind you of the good times spent by the sea; times spent in good company; whether you’re just there or in the city.