Dilara Üstüner, the creator of the May, who has been experiencing, producing, discovering, nourishing from creativity, seeking, enjoying the moment, falling in love with art, living her life with a background music for years; While continuing her career successfully, she feels the lack of jewelry design, which she started during her university years and then left unfinished, and sets out to produce the pieces she dreams of owning.

May dedicates her existence to the legendary women of the city and creates unique pieces for them to complement their souls. Dilara, who finds her inspiration sometimes in the antique market full of untold stories, in the refrain of an old song, in the presence of the breeze that hits her face with her eyes closed, and sometimes standing still while life is flowing, designs for those who look at the world not out of the corner of their eye but intimidating, and who act with the motto of standing out from the crowd and not being like everyone else.