Nazlı Ceren is a Istanbul based womenswear brand founded in 2018 by Nazlı Ceren Köksal. When she graduated from economics she was still dreaming about doing something in fashion. After she spent four years as a stylist and creative director, she decided to build her own fashion label.

Nazlı Ceren aims to create contemporary clothes that encourage individualism rather than the following trends. She draws inspiration from places, contemporary art or a moment in time.

The brand is defined by its fusion of effortless staples and attention to detail with vibrant colour palettes. Simplicity, laid-back yet functional attitude and quality fabrics are the cornerstones of Nazlı Ceren.

Understated dresses, tailored jackets and crisp silhouettes find a contemporary aspect in the collections.

Making pieces timeless enough to wear over and over again and giving back what it takes from nature are the biggest commitments of Nazlı Ceren.