The idea of creating Ninon was born in Paris as an "ultimate fashion jewelry extravaganza".
The name of the brand comes from Ninon de l'Enclos, one of Paris's iconic names, living between 1620-1705, who is known for literature, art and cosmetics. Creators of the brand, Mert Aslan and Ahmet Gencehan Güne
, born in the 1980s, are the names we know from the fashion scene. 

“Ninon Square” and “Ninon Oval” which are our signature girls, open the gates of the world of Ninon wonders; “Maksim” dedicated to the 80’s night- club culture of Istanbul ; “Loulou” hoops in memoriam of Loulou de la Falaise and her exquisite style; “Alexis” as a statement piece inspired by Alexis Carrington of Dynasty; “Mina” makes you remember the unique aura of Mina Mazzini; “Mrs. Burton” is dedicated to Elizabeth Taylor who is the queen of shining diamonds; “Dalida” is the brightest star herself; “Studio 54” door-knockers are revival of glamour; “Talitha” takes you back to the mystic spirit of Talitha Getty’s Marrakesh;

“Queen of Hearts” make you the queen of the party.
We decided to add “Ninon Square”, “Ninon Oval” and “Talitha” brooches for a funny and shiny season.
And also Dame Anna Wintour is our inspiration for “Anna” crystal necklaces.

Here you are always welcome to Ninon extravaganza. We are ready to shine with our Ninonettes!