The story of Qimu is linked to both emotion and creativity. Qimu was born in 2017 through the collaboration of an architect daughter and a lawyer mother whose desire was to establish an affordable luxury brand. Having it’s power through two generations; Qimu is therefore timeless and ageless.

Buddhist spiritual leader in Chinese mythology has a bag; this bag is infinite, inexhaustible quality... so that the Buddha can put everything in it. Since the past and the seeds of life are in this bag, this bag is called ‘The Bag of Qimu’.

 Qimu Bags are produced from high-quality leathers by adding handcrafts to the design spirit. In Qimu we believe using the finest leather is the core brand; therefore each design is now already known for its butter-soft texture. Each Qimu Bag is designed to be practical, design oriented and has sophisticated details.