RboW is a Korean skincare brand. 

RboW starts with the question of ‘how to express our lives artistic’.
Putting art on the little things that we use everyday, filling something
artistic which can express myself on our makeup table.
What is the most plentiful behavior which makes myself more like ME?
These are the questions from the director Sohyung Kim, who created
RboW and used to work at Gana Art / Seoul Auction.

She is currently working as a director at LAiK introducing potteries
and living goods of the creators inside and outside of the countries
as well as a creative director at Printbakery introducing print edition
for popularization of art.

To make the base of art spread widely in various ways,
she wanted her favorite art to become a cosmetics brand,
and also wanted the brand to be shared with many people.
This is the beginning of how Rbow was born.

“There are tons of cosmetics brands in the world but there was
nothing inspired or connected with ‘Art’”.
She believes that art is the platform of everything and wants to
let art into our lives through something like scent or package of
cosmetics. She decided to start Rbow with body care brand first
because she wanted any people to feel the values of self-attention
and self-affection which could be created when they put something
on their bodies only.

RboW means a rainbow.
A rainbow is a natural phenomenon that everyone loves.
Rbow always dreams beautiful meeting with customers
as if it is not expectable to meet a rainbow and it gives unexpected pleasures afterall.