Our influence and inspiration for our brand are nature’s divine geometry. We are forever in awe of the patterns we find in nature and appreciating nature’s perfect geometry is part of our life journey. When awakening happens in life together with other experiences, you start to notice little moments, happiness. We wanted to create a consciousness for this. Nothing is a coincidence. There are philosophy, architecture, and harmony in everything. We want to reflect on this, so you can remember this when you wear our glasses and join our journey.

What we do?

Good design is sustainable design.

Timeless, affordable & sustainable designs that aim The 3 F’s: Form, Fit, Functionality!

We use premium Italian acetate for our hand crafted sunglasses making each of them unique to themselves.

Sacred geometry eyewear collection comes with the finest quality lenses as well as their own vegan leather cases.

Why we use acetate?

It’s a cellulosic material.

The base material is from plants that originates from wood pulp and natural fibers.

Unlike its plastic alternative it is biodegradable.Hypoallergenic and resistant to a variety of chemicals.

Durable, sustainable and flexible, it allows us to make eyewear that last for a lifetime.