SANDBOX Jewelry was founded by Suhayla Al Sheikh: a Cairo-based jewelry designer and visual artist born in Egypt, and raised in Saudi Arabia. Growing up in a family that has an affinity for the arts, has helped her push the boundaries of jewelry design and to constantly experiment in its various directions. Fueled by her roots and upbringings, an Artistic Achievement Award signed by President Barack Obama, and her new found passion for conceptual creations, she launched SANDBOX.

At SANDBOX, jewelry is not just a lifeless piece of metal and stone. It is very much alive. Jewelry is an art form- the most intimate of them all. It’s the one form that touches you- literally and figuratively. It blends in with the human form, taking on each curve and trait. Together with the adapted concepts, SANDBOX aims at empowering women through this strong connection, and through timeless jewelry rooted in powerful silhouettes and created from a fusion of fine, rich and sustainable materials.

The brand emerged out of the Arabian Peninsula and journeyed to the deserts of Egypt where it’s now based. As survivors of these arid and ruthless lands, Bedouins symbolize strength and power. They believe in community, caring for the environment and on these free lands they birthed their own beauty, power, courage and originality. Although they may belong to the endless desert, their constant movement bounds them to no grounds. They belong to the winds.

At SANDBOX, we’ve chosen to believe that our energy for creative expression, has been sent to us by our Bedouin ancestors, to continue on their path of exploration, and to awaken a fueling eccentricity that can’t be tamed, through artistic creations rooted in powerful and breathing designs, and fluidly changing concepts, created from a fusion of fine, rich and sustainable materials.