Everyone reading this has been influenced to dress like someone they've seen on screen. Hollywood blockbusters, hit T.V. series, and trailblazing music videos have always featured eye-catching fashions worn by stars we admire. And many of us will credit our style choices to some of the items seen in art. This post will look at seven scenes or moments in music, film and television where the fashion game was on point and how you can dress the part. 

Beyonce - Formation (2016)

Beyonce's music video Formation.

Queen Bey struck gold (platinum to be precise) with her 2016 album/visual album, Lemonade, Formation being its biggest hit. The anthem celebrated black pride and black womanhood, making social commentary about Hurricane Katrina, police brutality and Beyonce's Creole heritage. 

But let's not leave out the video - it was a fashion extravaganza. Beyonce rocked everything from Fendi fur designer coats and Gucci-activewear to Chanel necklaces and more. 

However, one of our favourite looks is a red shirt dress Beyonce wore on top of a submerged police cruiser. 

Not only was that scene a bold statement against abuse of power, but it was also an iconic moment of Beyonce looking so effortlessly stylish while making that statement. 

Formation Inspiration: Ayasha Red Romper Bandana 

Maison Orient's Ayasha Red Romper Bandana Dress

Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar (2020) 

Harry Styles music video "Watermelon Sugar"

Watching the Watermelon Sugar video is joyful and painful to watch. It's a painful reminder of pre-pandemic life, the picturesque views of coastlines we haven't been able to get to, the heartthrob/thirst traps that we can only dream would be ours. 

Now for the fun part: Watermelon Sugar is eye candy for anyone who loves fashion. There's plenty of 70s-era style on display here, with crochet crop tops, big specs and Harry's floral shirts and scarves. We talked about 2022's fashion trends, such as the return of the 70s and the colourful explosion of dopamine dressing. 

Watermelon Sugar and Harry were ahead of the curve since all of those styles (pun intended) showed face here. 

Thanks, Harry. 

Watermelon Sugar Inspiration: Arctic Wool Scarf 

Maison Orient's Arctic Wool Scarf

Queen and Slim (2019)

The movie Queen and Slim (2019)

Don't ever think of Queen & Slim as just a "black Bonnie & Clyde." The flick represents being black in America while subjected to the laws of a land that unfairly targets minorities. Queen & Slim also happens to be a riveting, must-see movie for EVERYONE. 

With that said, the fashion in this movie is on-point - better than on-point. You'll find scene after scene decked out with designs including snake-skin boots and lace-up bodysuits. Of course, Queen's zebra-print mini-dress and Slim's red tracksuit steal the show. 

The movie pays homage to the blaxploitation movies and the unforgettable 70s style that will dominate in 2022. It's also a well of inspiration for people - especially people of colour - looking to tap into their roots through fashion.

Queen & Slim Inspiration: Magnum Leopard Studs 

Maison Orient's Magnum Leopard Studs   

Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)​​

If you know about the impact Breakfast at Tiffany's left on fashion for generations to come, you can skip this one. If not, keep reading. The late and great Audrey Hepburn dazzled the world, not just with her performance but her one-of-a-kind style, which was revolutionary in the 60s. 

She wore a little black dress (a staple for young women everywhere), long black gloves, the big sunglasses - all of which have never gone out of style. And then there's her lampshade hat and the opulent pearl necklace - two of her other unforgettable accessories that are favourites even today. 

If you haven't seen Breakfast at Tiffany's, then give it a go. At the very least, you'll dig it for its fashion cues, although you'll probably fall in love with the story and performances too. 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Inspiration: Black Rock Dress

Maison Orient's Black Rock Dress

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) 

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

For a movie with a post-apocalyptic plot, you'd think fashion takes a backseat to all of its chaotic action scenes and bleak settings. But the fashion choices in Mad Max were forefront and centre. Even as war and destruction poke through at all times, the five wives of Mad Max cut through the tension with their enviable rag outfits. 

As dirty and tattered as the rags got, the design sense behind those rags made them chic, even down to this day. Even some of the cleanest and crispest white shirts you can now buy appear inspired by Mad Max. 

It's a testament to the fact that "one person's trash is another person's treasure." Only a movie like Mad Max could make tattered rags an inspiring choice for fashion in a future where few things make sense anymore.

Mad Max Inspiration: Two Pockets Linen Belted Dress

Maison Orient's Two Pockets Linen Belted Dress

Killing Eve (2018-2020)

Killing Eve (2018)

Assassins are trained to kill targets without leaving a trace. And according to the critically acclaimed series Killing Eve, assassins are equally good at "killing it" when it comes to fashion - and making their presence known. The lead villain of the series, Villanelle, has received so much praise for her fashion sense that she's been the subject of many fashion blogs. 

And now we're joining in. You can find Villanelle in a full spectrum of colourful outfits ranging from fluffy marshmallow dresses to psychedelic tops/pantsuits and more. 

If you want a rich source of ideas to inspire your next look, you'll want to put Killing Eve on your "To Watch" list. Villanelle is a professional fashion killer. 

Killing Eve Inspiration: Austin Mini Dress in Khaki 

Maison Orient's Austin Mini Dress in Khaki

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990-1996)

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990-1996)

We'll assume that many of you 80s, 90s, and even 00s babies were fans of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air during its heyday. Heck, even those of you who are younger or older than that cohort were probably fans. Not only was Fresh Prince…fresh, for its wisecracking jokes, diverse personalities and the Carlton, but also the outfits. 

Way back in the 90s, Fresh Prince established a sense of style that you can still emulate in the 2020s. The brightly coloured tees Jazz and Will wore, not to mention Ashley's miniskirts and Hillary's jewelry, can match well with 2022's fashion scene. 

So if you want a dose of laughs, nostalgia and inspiration, throw on some Fresh Prince. Your wardrobe will come together as it did for the iconic cast. 

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Inspiration: Earl Jean 

Maison Orient Earl Jean

Look to the Screen to Dress Clean 

The runway and fashion spreads are usual go-to's for wardrobe inspirations. But that can get real stale quick. If you're ever looking for unusual, exotic or trailblazing fashion ideas, turn to some of the biggest flicks, T.V. hits or music videos out there. You'll be surprised and dazzled by the displays of style in them. 

Whether it's designer coats, unique handmade jewelry, or leather handbags, you'll find some of your next looks from the characters and performers you love most. Because in many ways, style imitates art.