The Simple or Not brand, founded by Ayşen Işıkmen in 2020, interprets clothing forms used in ready-to-wear clothing with leather and suede and builds its collections on "simplicity" and "elegance". The mathematics and brand name of the collections stems from the contrast (or not) of this pursuit of simplicity and elegance created by the reinterpretation of ready-made forms.

Taking its inspiration from Greek Goddesses, Medieval and Modern Age architecture and unique colors of nature, Simple or Not brings its designs to life with “high segment” leather quality and the craftsmanship of master tailors.

The aim of the brand is to make its collections sustainable, timeless and environmentally friendly; The resulting products can be used by buyers in all combinations and more importantly to make them feel comfortable and special when they wear them.

Turkey's deep-rooted leather craftsmanship tradition is combined with an extremely high quality collection. Each Simple or Not piece is made to eliminate waste and provide the ultimate bespoke experience.

Focusing on conscious consumption with long-lasting and conscious designs, Simple or Not prefers to use only the skins of adult animals.