We found Souq Samurai as the friendship of two girls who have Mediterranean hearts. Got inspired from endless Mediterranean continent and twisted oriental elements of coastlines.

Our travels to Ibiza, Barcelona, Mykonos, Marrakesh, Capri and Italian Riviera Amalfi started journey of Souq Samurai.

Istanbul, where east meets west is the location we established Souq Samurai. Our goal is to reach global customers all around the world.

Every Souq Samurai piece is designed to be loved and passed down.  We consider sustainability, supporting environment, community and local craftsmanship mattering so much. Approximately 80% of the collection is produced from premium quality leftover fabrics as naming pre-loved fabrics. Using ancient techniques of craftsmanship from Anatolia and India became spices of the collection as we want to continue, it is transformed our mission.

Now it is the time to come and join Souq Samurai!

You have to our dream women. She walks around Grand Bazaar after getting kissed by Capri sun.