“I don’t  just make jewelry, I create pieces that collect memories”-Susana Vega
Susana Vega is a Venezuelan Jewelry Designer.
The origin of her art and trade in goldsmithing is very tangible and evident, it is in her blood and in the legacy of her family
Daughter of a legendary goldsmith, Susana Vega assumes her craft as an art, capable of allowing her to play with shapes, colors, textures and materials in order to develop concepts that achieve two ideals that, at first glance, seem juxtaposed in any scenario: passion and elegance.
In 2008, Susana began her formal Industrial Design studies at the University de los Andes, in Mérida- Venezuela; where she could enhance her passion for art, and so she complemented her knowledge with great handmade skills.In 2015, began her business formally in the United States. Since then she has had interviews for magazines such as Avior Air, Todo en Domingo and Voyage Atlanta Magazine and participation in fashion events such as Stitch Lab Miami and Venezuela Fashion Project.
And it is so, that this artist declares herself a fanatic of color, and without fear, she prints in to her colors, the sobriety of simple and clean shapes, playing with them in a way that the basic geometry, has given shape to a perfect canvas in each piece, so it can be filled with a mixture of colors that reflect their good taste and exquisite eye for the chromatic game, leaving the texture speak for itself about the production process which last seven days for each of the pieces, it is a 5 phases process with materials such as porcelain , glass beads, semi precious stones, gold filled wires and resin.
The simplicity opens the doors to elegance, style and expression of personality, everyone who exhibits one of these pieces, is clearly expressing herself, is reciting the speech  of herself and every woman, emotional and subtle, yet Once strong, powerful and elegant, all in one. Susana Vega manages to unite all the women in each piece that she creates in a personal way, connecting with each of them through her art, and, above all, with herself.