The pairing of sustainability and fashion has come a long way. What people once saw as an alternative "movement" is now en vogue in various settings, and of course, designers are offering their twists on sustainable designs. And crafting a sustainable look has never been easier. This post will examine how you dress with sustainable apparel and accessories from head to toe to upgrade your style and safeguard Mother Earth. 

Sustainable Fashion Brand Ideas for the Neck Up 

Let's start up top. If you wear the right things, accessories for the head and neck can do double duty - triple duty even. They can accentuate some of your natural features while complementing or contrasting the rest of your outfit in a way that's pleasing to look at. Hats and scarves are comfortable to wear, while earrings and necklaces add flair to your outfit. Of course, sustainable fashion accessories get bonus points because they're Earth- and human-friendly. 

Nemozena's Reverse Quilted Hat

Maison Orient Nemozena's Reverse Quilted Hat

This reversible hat is from Nemozena embodies everything you want from a sustainable fashion brand. It's got a downplayed look to it - it's not too flashy, but the hexagonal patterns and stitching give it some character. Because of its grey/white colour base, you can wear it with almost colour top or bottom. 

It looks great on various face types, and you can wear it on numerous occasions, such as a smart-casual party while shopping or hanging out with friends at a bar. 

What makes Nemozema sustainable? The Dubai-based, Italy-located brand uses soy-based vegetable polyester that's easily biodegradable. They also produce smaller inventories of clothing to cut back on their waste. 

Maison Orient Ne Nepal's Hollow Start Earrings

One of our favourite sustainable fashion brands is Ne Nepal, and they're rockstars (literally) the way they craft their metals into stunning earrings. Take these hollow start earrings, for example. They're a set of loops, crafted with what looks like elemental stones, a smaller ring atop a larger one. 

The holes in each aren't perfect circles either, giving them a more naturalistic look, and the rings themselves have grooves and crevices that give them a dynamic texture. They're elegant but also edgy. Because of that, you could wear them at formal events, parties, nights out, interviews or anywhere else, looking professional yet funky at the same time. 

Ne Nepal's sustainability factor comes from a heartwarming place. They employ deaf and mute survivors of human trafficking to craft their jewelry and ensure that their artisans receive fair wages for their labour. 

Sustainable Fashion Brands for the Body & Arms 

Of course, much of the action that happens in your outfit centers on the torso (and the arms). That makes sense because our eyes naturally fall on the torso and arms. With that said, you want to set the tone by choosing your tops carefully because every other item of clothing will serve as an extension of the top. 

That means setting the tone with colour, texture, and patterns. Of course, you can accomplish this with sustainable fashion brands who make tops you can feel proud to wear. 

Giyi's Wrap Jacket 

Maison Orient Giyi's Wrap Jacket

What's not to like about this wrap Jacket from Giyi? It's perfect for the "It" girls out there who aren't afraid to experiment with their style a bit while keeping things classy. Its deep V-cut reveals more neckline, and its crossover front gives it a sensual appeal. But its wide tie belt, cuffed sleeves and navy blue base give it an air of maturity to balance its playfulness.  

That makes it great for parties, bar nights, and smart casual events where some formality is favoured but some looseness is allowed. Best of all, Giyi is a sustainable brand that relies on circular production cycles - recycling materials - to minimize the waste and pollution of excess fabric making. 

Zei Bags

Maison Orient Zei Bags

Tote bags have been all the rage in recent years, and they won't go out style anytime soon. This tote bag from Zei is a straightforward affair - minimal in design but the perfect counterbalance or complementary piece for more sophisticated designs. We also love the fact that it's salted caramel - one of 2022's trending colours. 

Sometimes the best way to grab attention is to add an accessory that's spare compared to the rest of your outfit. This Canvas Maxi tote from Zei does this perfectly. And because of its unassuming style, you can wear it just about anywhere that calls for a bag. 

Zei, an Istanbul-based designer that debuted in 2021, practices sustainability through organic materials, organic cotton and canvas. These materials are biodegradable and don't put much strain on the environment. 

Sustainable Fashion Brand Ideas for Leg Wear 

Let's not forget the power of pants in an outfit. They say a lot about you as a person, but they also round out your outfit. Some of the most dramatic effects you can achieve in your wardrobe happen with your pants, whether it means creating the impression of length or whatever it is you like. 

So when it comes to pants, understand that great power comes great responsibility. Of course, that also has meaning in terms of sustainability since brands are better choices. 

Hip+Happen's Gabriella Printed Flared Trousers 

Maison Orient Hip+Happen's Gabriella Printed Flared Trousers

One of our favourite sustainable fashion brands for leg wear is Hip+Happen. They're a forward-thinking designer of funky clothing that also happens to be eco- and people-friendly. Peep these Gabriella Flared trousers, for example. They look like they were yanked from a 1960s hipster on a VW bus, with its psychedelic colours and circular shapes on full display. 

It's the kind of pants you'd wear at a party or a bar, knowing that all eyes will be on you. Hip+Happen is a sustainability champion because of its commitment to using recycled materials in its clothing, including pants and trousers. 

Looking as Good as Your Conscious Feels

Every year we're lucky to see all kinds of bold and innovative styles and looks hit the runway. But it comes at a cost. The fashion industry has had a long and complicated history as being problematic to the planet, and that can make your favourite looks guilty pleasures. 

Fortunately, the sustainable fashion brands we've mentioned are producing trendsetting apparel that doesn't leave a dent on the planet. And they're yours to grab. Who says that fashion can't feel as good as it looks!