Middle Eastern fashion designers are some of the most prominent up-and-coming designers out there. Middle Eastern jewelry and handcrafted accessory designers use ancient, traditional methods. Their hand-made innovative, contemporary, and luxurious pieces are not mass manufactured. They are not made using cheap materials, harmful chemicals, or a damaging amount of water.

That is why in today’s blog, we are highlighting three of the most high-quality, sustainable fashion brands. These brands offer quality and craftsmanship that is almost unheard of in the Western jewelry and accessories market.

Let’s go ahead and dive into three top brands and what makes them so extraordinary and timeless.

Gaios Head Pieces

Gaios is a Middle Eastern brand that creates handcrafted accessories, such as bespoke headpieces. Gaios stands out because of its quality and luxury. They offer the perfect headpiece to complete your luxury fashion collections. And the best part is that they are all handmade in Istanbul by local artisans.

The artistry shines through in each piece, making this brand exceptionally unique and special. In a fast-fashion world, handcrafted accessories are less common. That is the beauty of a Gaios headpiece.

Poppy Headband

The Poppy Headband, pictured above, is a piece that we are super excited about and fell in love with. It is the perfect headpiece for any season, as well as any occasion. You can rock this luxury headpiece as a bride, festival goer, or complement any outfit. The white artificial flowers are elegant and straightforward. This piece is a showstopper, without being obnoxious, which is Gaios’ specialty.

One of the best things about Gaios is their wide range of headpieces. They offer something for every taste and style, including simple and flashy designs.

Accessories made for modern women, Gaios offers a headpiece or headband for everyone in

MAMTR Women’s Jewelry

MAMTR is a Middle Eastern jewelry company specializing in women’s luxury jewelry pieces. Their pieces are handcrafted by local women artisans in Istanbul, Turkey. These artists use ancient techniques and traditions to ensure the highest quality. This level of artistry has led them to gain notoriety across the luxury jewelry industry.

Most of these female artisans employed by MAMTR are local homemakers creating extra income for their families. This brand is luxuriously unique and aims to support the success and growth of female artists across Turkey. Every piece you receive from MAMTR is made with love, allowing the Middle Eastern jewelry brand to stand out from the crowd.

White Tropic Necklace

When looking through the MAMTR collection on Maison Orient’s international marketplace, you will find their unique jewelry to be very colorful and vibrant. They use a lot of handcrafted beads, macrame ropes, and gemstones, all of which are designed by the MAMTR founder, Merve Marmara. The use of natural materials and local manufacturing processes also makes this brand eco-friendly.

The White Tropic Necklace seen above was made with a mixture of colored and clay beads, giving it a natural and vibrant essence. You can customize the length of the necklace by using the macrame pulls. This is a great and unique feature that allows women to customize their necklaces to suit any neckline.

Usfuur Women’s Jewelry

The Dubai-based, Middle Eastern jewelry brand Usfuur has taken the women’s jewelry world by storm. Usfuur, which translates to ‘the bird’ in Arabic, expresses freedom, peace, and hope with every one of their creations. This is very fitting as Usfuur works with Watanili. Watanili is a  grassroots organization that helps Syrian refugees live and find their new life in Turkey. Each item sold from a Usfuur’s collection goes to Watanili. Supporting those in displaced communities finding ‘home’ in Turkey.

Usfuur is known for its delicate pieces that can flawlessly accompany any outfit. Their contemporary, minimalistic designs are meant to suit anyone’s personal jewelry aesthetic.

Lila Ring

The unique, handcrafted pieces are meant to spread positivity. The bird motif featured on their jewelry symbolizes how birds cross borders with peace, sending and spreading a message of love. The Lila Ring featured above is a gorgeous representation of Usfuur's design style. Made from 18k yellow gold, it will not turn your finger green as it is solid and pure. The unique wrap design and bird motif offer individuality while still being elegant and minimalistic.

Jewelry is all about the person who is wearing it. If you’re looking for timeless jewelry that will never go out of style, and last forever, Usfuur will most definitely have a piece for you. They truly have it all from rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more.

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