Are you looking for your next favorite luxury fashion brand? Luxury and high-fashion are what Maison Orient does and does well. Some of the most luxurious designers from all over the world are available on our international marketplace. This blog will highlight some of the most luxurious designer brands we carry from women's apparel, handbags, shoes, and jewelry.

Yassmin Saleh: Women's Luxury Fashion Brand

One of the most luxurious women's fashion designers we carry on Maison Orient is the Abu Dhabi-based brand, Yassmin Saleh. They are doing it all and doing it in style from designer dresses, ladies' blazers, tops, buttons, and accessories.

Numb Gown

One of our favorite pieces from the brand is the Numb Gown. This V-neck evening gown screams sophistication, elegance, and luxury. It is a long, black evening gown with unique bare shoulders, an open back, and a fitted silhouette. It is an elevated take on the classic black dress. It is also the perfect dress to pair with your favorite fashion accessories, like your favorite designer earrings.

Check out more of Yassmin Saleh's collection on our international marketplace.

Misela: Designer Handbags 

Misela is a luxury designer handbag brand based in Istanbul, Turkey. They offer some of the most popular designer handbags on the market and in our international marketplace. Their use of color and variation of textiles is what makes their collection stand out from the crowd. The brand draws a lot of inspiration from the pattern, Cintamani, symbolizing the eye of reason, the eye of the heart, and the eye of the tiger.

Tina at Pera handbag

This luxury fashion brand offers a handbag for every occasion and every outfit. One that will catch your eye is the purple Tina At Pera designer handbag. This is one of Maison Orient's most popular designer handbags due to its uniqueness and attention to detail. The intricate lace fabric and tassels allow the bag to be dressed up or dressed down, truly versatile. It is one of those fashion accessories that everyone will be asking you about–compliments with a piece like this are endless. 

There is much more where that came from! Shop Misela's designer handbag collection on our international marketplace.

Serena Uziyel: Luxury Women's Shoes

You can't have a luxury wardrobe without luxury women's shoes. Designer shoes are some of the most popular designer items out there, with women collecting luxury shoes from all over the world. Serena Uziyel's designer shoe collection on Maison Orient's international marketplace is one of our most popular. Made in Italy, this brand knows luxury fashion and does it perfectly.

Catena Black High-Heel Ankle Sandal

The Catena Black High-Heel Ankle Sandal by the brand is a pair of designer sandals that every woman should have in their wardrobe. They are classic, with a twist. The antique gold chain embroidery elevates the shoe to be more than a black strappy heel. The contrast of the gold on the black draws the eye, making them a statement as well as a versatile shoe.

If you're looking for more luxury designer shoes, check out Serena's Uziyel's collection on our international marketplace.

House of Sol: Women's Designer Jewelry

We couldn't finish off the blog without highlighting one of our most luxurious fashion accessories brands, House of Sol. All of their luxury jewelry pieces are handmade in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar by local artisans. Their jewelry pieces are made with the highest quality materials, including gems, pearls, golds, silvers, and more. A luxury jewelry collection is never complete with a piece of jewelry from House of Sol.

Alter Ego Necklace

The Alter Ego necklace is one of many unique designs this famous brand offers. It includes a special gold-plated African mask embellished with pearls and silver. These features make it a statement piece of luxury jewelry that cannot be missed. But the best part about a necklace like this, and many other jewelry pieces from House of Sol, is that it is versatile. It can be worn to work, events, date nights, and more. This necklace is a piece that generations can love and cherish.

Check out more of House of Sol's collection on our international marketplace.

These four designers are only scratching the surface of the amount of luxury talent on Maison Orient. We have luxury women's clothing, fashion accessories, and home decor to meet your needs, no matter your personal style aesthetic. Go to our New In page to keep up with the latest trends and newest collection drops. Happy shopping!