We live busy lives, so sometimes heading home to change into luxury brands, or fashion brands before our evening plans is not an option. Thankfully many of the women’s apparel brands on Maison Orient are pros at designing outfits that flawlessly transition from the hustle and bustle of the day to the romance and socializing of the night. 

A Versatile Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is a perfect thing to wear when you want something appropriate during the day, and suitable for whatever you get up to at night. You can wear flats or sneakers comfortably with almost any jumpsuit, so get all your errands done or even head to work. Then at night, switch over to a heel or a bootie, and you’ve gone from daytime chic to nighttime fabulous.

This jumpsuit from designer brand Giyi says it right in its name as the Day to Night Jumpsuit. This jumpsuit is perfect for any occasion. Wear it with the belt, or without the belt for a more casual look. Dress it up with some designer women’s jewelry (or not! You do you), and you are still wearing the perfect outfit for almost any occasion you can think of. These are the type of pieces that are always worth it because you will get so much wear out of them.

Jumpsuit model

Another jumpsuit we can’t get enough of is actually the Hayi Playsuit from BYSYM. Women’s playsuits are perfect for those warmer days that still leave you feeling elegant and feminine. This playsuit, in particular, is also suitable for the office as it has those boxy shoulder pads. With this playsuit being shorter with short-sleeves you enjoy wherever your night takes you with style.

The Perfect Dress

For most women, if you know that you have plans after work, whether it be girl’s night or date night, a dress is almost always the perfect go-to outfit. While looking put together and feminine at work you can then ditch the corporate scene and head out on the town. Most dresses can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your chosen accessories, shoes, or handbag.


The Harmony Dress by designer brand BYSYM is a flawless high-quality women’s dress for every occasion. It is a unique, elevated take on the classic button-up shirt dress. The long boxy sleeves offer a sense of sophistication, while the cuts on the side offer a youthful, feminine touch. You will be reaching for this dress no matter the occasion.

Another versatile, long sleeve favorite is honestly anything from the brand Faraway, but more specifically the Austin Dress. Offering an American vibe, this women’s dress can be worn out to a nice dinner or even mini-golf! This dress is the perfect mixture of reserved yet sexy with the longer skirt and cut-out back. Wear this dress in any season for any occasion and it will not let you down.

A Trendy Trouser

Trousers are very ‘in’ at the moment within the British fashion industry. Wide-legged, cropped leg or skinny leg, they all make a statement. The best thing about a trouser being very trendy at the moment is that it offers the perfect office outfit and out-of-office outfit. 


The Printed High-Waisted Trouser by the designer brand Szabo Sihag is so fun! They are high-waisted so are super flattering, and are also extremely versatile. You can wear them as a traditional dress-pant and pair them with a blazer or a blouse. Or you could do what the model is doing and wear a matching crop top. This elevates the look to being more trendy, sexy, and feminine.

If you’re looking for something trendy, but not too trendy, try the Earl Jean. This flared, wide-legged women’s jean is extremely flattering and versatile. Pair it with a blazer or fitted knit sweater and you’re ready for work. Pair the Earl with a crop top or bodysuit and you’re now ready to party. Whatever your vibe is, these pants are a must-have item for autumn 2021.

The Romantic Blouse

For date night some women are dress women while others are not, and that’s the beauty of fashion and individual style! Maison Orient has an endless selection of blouses that are perfect for everything, even romance. The beauty of a blouse is the endless possibilities they offer. Pair with jeans, a skirt, trousers, shorts, or whatever you desire.


This Rodin Corset by Yassmin Saleh is the perfect day-to-night fashion designer top because you can always layer. Throw on your favorite jacket or blazer while at work, or a denim jacket when out and about. Then once the evening rolls around and you’re out on your romantic evening you are already wearing a romantic and feminine top to wow your date.

If your date will be taking you to a sporting event or something more casual, no problem, the Movenna Ruched Top by Nazli Ceren is perfect. The t-shirt silhouette is perfect to pair with jeans, but the ruching, puffed sleeves, and v-neck cut are what makes it the perfect date night blouse. We picture this top at the farmers market during the day, then out for a nice dinner in the evening. You could almost coin it as the perfect weekend top.

Your New Favourite Shoe

Now, we know that earlier we mentioned by switching out your shoe you can bring an outfit from day to night. But what if you are too busy or cannot carry more than one pair of shoes with you? You need the ultimate day-to-night shoe that is appropriate for work and play.


Anatolian Craft makes the best women’s shoes because they are cozy and comfortable, yet sleek and stylish. This pair of women’s mules are called the Spice Route. It is perfect for running around during the day or attending meetings at work. With the sleek black and pointed toe, they are also perfect for nighttime socializing. 

If you’re looking for something with a little more height, try the Bad Banksia Bianca shoe. This classic silhouette is perfect for office wear, but can easily be worn out on the town. A really cool thing about these shoes is that every heel is made from a Banksia plant and is handpicked right from the Australian bush.

Maison Orient is full of women’s apparel brands that offer a wide range of styles for every woman or occasion. Whether you’re looking for something specific or looking to be inspired, our international marketplace has something for you. We ship internationally so feel free to shop away no matter where you are. Don’t forget to check out our New Arrivals for more Middle Eastern and European clothing and accessories.